Monday, December 19, 2011

Blackhawks vs. Flames - Win Recap

"Through The Fire And Flames"

The Flames came into town Sunday night a much hotter team than they did previously. You could say things were starting to click a little bit for this flames squard. This team HAS the firepower, once they get their collective heads out of their asses. The trick is for Sutter to get those heads out, and that's not always an easy task.

The Blackhawks had a pretty good first period, Sunday night. The were able to outshoot the Flames 9-3 and outscore them 1-0. The only thing more you could have asked for is to score on the powerplay, which is the only negative. The second period was more of what happened in the first, with the Hawks scoring two more goals, including one powerplay goal, and outshooting the Flames 8-7. The third period was slanted more the Flames way, as they were able to pot 2 goals on 13 shots, and the Hawks were able to put the game away with one of their own for Quenneville's 600th win.

The Good

  • Frank the Tank opened up the scoring on a beautiful feed from MegaMayers. Tank was wide open in the slot and MegaMayers hit him. Tank then took a few strides in and let'r fly past Kipper. Meat and Potatoes. 1-0 Hawks
  • Hammer used a magic puck to score he second goal of the game. He took a long shot from the point, and it looked to go of a Flames defender. The puck sat up on end spinning like a top along the the outside of the crease line, and just as it got to the net it curved, ever so slowly, into the net. Mucho Ugly, but Mucho Bueno. 2-0 Hawks
  • Kaner finally got the powerplay going with a nice snapper (hey now!) in the high slot, late in the second, on a feed from Deuce. He used El Capitan's screen to put it past Kipper for a 3-0 lead. That's how the big boys do it.
  • Boss took advantage of a Calgary hissy fit that resulted in a 5-on-3 and rocketed a laser of a slapshot past Kipper for a 4-1 lead that turned out to be the insurance goal.

The Bad

  • Great way to start off the game, when Hoss turns the puck over to Stempniak who was all alone in front of the Hawks net. Luckily Razor poked it away, but Hoss? Wrong color jerseys, dude.
  • Dream Warrior took a bad interference penalty during the Bourque major, that cut the 5 minute powerplay down to a 3 minute one. Not such a smart move, Kid. Not only that, but he was 17% at the dot. Really not his best showing.
  • Right after the Bickell fight the Flames were able to finally put a puck past Razor, to make the game 3-1. Jokinen was able blow a puck past Emery while Glencross was allowed to set up camp in front of the Hawks netminder.
  • It just wouldn't be a Hawks game if they didn't allow a shorthanded break against. This time it was Shooter who tied up Morrison. Really? Cut this shit out!
  • Glencross was able to able to get the Flames within 2 goals late in the third on the powerplay, when Razor lost track of the puck behind the net, and he ended up covering the wrong post. Glencross was pretty much left to hack away at the puck by Hammer and Leddy.
  • Cory Sarich and One Trick Bick had a pretty good tussle early in the third, after Bick absorbed a big hit at the red line. The two exchanged quite a few haymakers. Unfortunately, all the shenanigans cost Bick 17 minutes in penalties. Now, mind you, Bourque was only credited with 15 minutes for turning Seabrook's brain into baby food, but Bickell got 17 for taking exception to a questionably high hit.

The Ugly

  • More Big Slow on defense. Ugh! That really fucking helps, when you're down one of your top two guys. Good job, Q. Nothing like basically rolling four D men for 40 mins.
  • Douchebag play for Bourque to hit Seabrook the way he did. Look for Brendan Shanaban to step in, and for Seabrook to probably miss some time. Thanks, Asshole.

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