Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blackhawks at St. Louis - Win Recap

"Rough Boys"

After Friday's questionable Shootout win against the Isles, the Hawks still had a lot of questions to answer. The first was the marginal goaltending, and the Hawks answered that by giving Crawford the night off in favor of Razor emery. The second was figuring out what was wrong with the bottom six forwards. The third was what to do about the bottom 3 defensemen. The Bickell Chronicles seemed to be over, with Agent Smith getting a goal in his first game in the last 4. The Blues have been red hot since they switched coaches, and were now only one win and two points behind he Hawks. The good news story of this game was the return of sniper David Perron, who had missed nearly 100 games due to a concussion.

The game opened with the Blues taking the lead, in the first, and even though the Hawks out shot the Blues 13-6, the blues held the lead for the remainder of the period. The Hawks came out in the second just like Friday night and pretty much dominated the period. They ended up also winning the period 3-1, and took back the momentum. The Hawks were able to hold on to the momentum in the third period, netting another goal, and an open netter to win 5-2. Good win for the Hawks, and a solid game.

The Good

  • The Hawks opened the second period, and tied the game forty one seconds in. Captain Emormo-nuts tipped a Hammer point shot into the net. The play started with Kaner negating an icing, and controlling the puck long enough to get it to Hammer, who was able to throw it towards the net.
  • Boss 81 tied the game back up at 2, on a shorthanded 2-on-1. The Hawks forced a turnover at the Blues blue line, and Hoss took it netward waiting for Bolly to clear the defender, which he never did, so Hoss just blew it by Elliott. HUGE play to shift the momentum in the Hawks favor, and this ended up the defining play of the night, and could end up being a defining play for a whole lot more.
  • The powerplay finally showed some life as Shooter scored on a nice long range slapshot, through a screen, to put the Hawks up 3-2, late in the second period. That's right, I said POWERPLAY.
  • Car Bomb finally showed some positive aggression in the second when the Blues tried to push Kaner and El Capitan around. He took on a few Blues players, including noted fucktard David Back-Ass. He ended up with 4 for roughing, but I'll take that any day. "DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH MY CAPTAIN"
  • For once, the Hawks actually opened up a third period with a goal. Hoss took a drop off pass from Shooter, who couldn't handle the feed, and blew it past Elliott for a 4-2 lead on the powerplay, just a minute into the third period. Lookin good, lookin good!
  • Kruger had continued to look good in all areas of his game. He hasn't looked overmatched at all, and he's been logging a lot of PK time. Thank god someone is panning out.
  • Frolik picked up a late goal, even though it was an empty netter. At this point, he'll take anything he can get.
  • With two powerplay goals, one shorthander, and 4-for-4 on the penalty kill the Hawks special teams had an EXCELLENT game. I can't emphasize how much they needed this.

The Bad

  • David Perron made for a really good story, opening up the scoring just over five minutes into the first period, on a play where neither Bolland, Frank the Tank nor Lurch could tie up Perron. He was given more than enough time to wait out Razor and pick his spot. Please tell me they just had pity on him, and threw him a solid.
  • Immediately following a big hit by Deuce on Steen, Deuce proceeded to shoot the puck on his own net. Good thing Razor was paying attention. Slick move, Kid!
  • The Blues took the lead back on a questionable play where Vladimir Sobotka clearly tripped Bruno from behind, who was trying to start a break out in the Hawks end. Chris Stewart picked the loose puck up and snapped it past Emery. The refs definitely missed the call but the Hawks can't stop playing to bitch about the non-call. 2-1 Blues.
  • Frank the Tank, and Lurch only played 3 shifts in the second period and were a minus 2 each, for the game. Not their best showing.

The Ugly

  • It is Official, Ryan Reaves is a complete and utter cement head douche. Not that it takes much, but he's taken over Cam Janssen's spot.

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