Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday Snorefest

This is urgency? I don't see it. The Hawks came out very flat in the first period last night. If you missed the first period, you didn't miss much. The period ended with the Hawks getting outshot and tied 0-0. The second started with the Sens getting a powerplay goal and the Hawks coming right back with a goal of their own. The rest of the second was a little more eventful, but both teams went into the locker room tied at 1. The Hawks scored about halfway through the third but couldn't hold the lead, AGAIN, and they couldn't score in OT either. So, they had to pull out a win in the Shootout.

The Good
  • Shooter has just been on fire, and it continues. It started with Brian Campbell putting a great pass right onto the tape of the Sharpie, and he redirected it perfectly.
  • Nice to see Invisi-Bolly make an appearance and actually get a nice pass off to Fernandog. Elliott just make an incredible save.
  • Kaners goal in the third was a total gift. First, it's turned over at the blue line and then defenseman Chris Phillips just allowed Kaner to set up his shot. Thank you Mr. Bad D-man.
  • Once again, CrawDaddy had a quiet but solid game. I'll take it.
The Bad
  • The adventures of Duncan Seabrook continued once again. One of such adventures led to a 2-on-0. Swell! Just SWELL!
  • Hello penalty kill! Don't like you very much do we? Apparently not, because the Hawks have gone from bad to simply inferior.
The Ugly
  • Getting out shot by the Sens 11-8 is not a good thing. Starting a very important weekend series where they MUST take two points, and they come out of the box looking like they are in slow motion.
  • Great job holding the lead, guys. If Crawford had held onto that puck, the Hawks would have been able to change their forwards to more solid defensive players, but instead they took an icing call and couldn't change their players. We all know what happened after that. For my money, Toews, Hossa, and maybe Kaner are out there in that last shift, but we had the Invisi-line of Bolly, Bickell and Fernandog.
  • Jonny B Goode went 5-hole on Elliott
  • Kovalev missed the cage on CrawDaddy
  • Kaner sniped Elliott glove side
  • Alfredsson hit the post and was denied.
Here are the video highlights for your viewing pleasure:

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