Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Help Gate Win and Help Design His Gear

Good morning Puckin Hostile fans, I mentioned this on the Shoutcast last night, but I thought I would elaborate more, here. Brian's Custom Goalie gear is holding a campaign to win a brand new set of goalie gear. I figured that since my old Brian's gear is well over a decade old, I could go out with a bang and have my last set of gear be the mother of all sets, but with a twist. If we can pull this off, I will allow the Hostile tribe to help me design the gear.

This, of course, is within reason, of course.

Making the gear some ridiculous colors or design defeats the entire purpose. The color scheme will be of my choosing (Some form of Blackhawks colors) but, if they let us, I want to make it some of the sickest gear they've ever made. Something along this line:

This is where you fans step in. We need to flood social media for the next week or so with #VoteGatekeeper (Also include #GN3TIK4ME or #TeamBStar). The hashtag will work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Flood the Brian's twitter account (@GoaliesOnly). Elmhurst native Garret Sparks (in the Toronto system) is involved with monitoring as well, so flood him too. I say flood #LemontNativeScottDarling, too, since he is a Brian's spokesperson. Screw it! They asked for it, they'll get it.

According to their website, Brian's and Sparks will pick a top 3 and then open up voting this weekend. Here is the timeline:

Contest runs Monday, October 24 - to November

1st - Launch Day of the G-NETik Pro 3.

Round 1 – Submissions – Oct 24th –Oct. 30th

Final 3 Selected - Oct 30th

Final Vote – Oct 31

Lets do this! Show them that Blackhawks and Hostile fans cant be the biggest pain in ass they ever dealt with.

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