Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blackhawks at St. Louis - 3-2 SO Loss
"Wakey Wakey, Eggs and #ROARBACON"

Wednesday is rivalry night and unlike most, this game actually is. The Blackhawks (and their moms) travelled to St. Louis for their first game since Sunday's defeat of the Redwings. I personally think all road games should be a 'moms trip' because who really wants to disappoint their mother?! Wakey wakey Backes it's game time!

The first period wouldn't see much action in the first half other than a failed Hawks' power play after Captain Crunch David Backes trips Toews. A minute and half after the PP lapses the Blues are at it again slashing new Hawk Dale Weise; Stastny to the sin-bin for a timeout. Unfortunately, once again the Blackhawks fail to cash in. The following events were highly debated and most likely will continue to be in the coming days. Christian Ehrhoff went to play the puck behind Crawford and at the last moment decides to let it go as he sees a flaming dumpster flying down the ice. Ryan Reaves lights up Ehrhoff with a questionable hit. It was deemed a five minute major for charging and a game misconduct; you could call it many things: charging, interference, roughing. Either way it probably wasn't a major but still, it's not the type of play we want if we are trying to protect our players. The Blues escape the period without a Hawk goal but still have over two and half minutes to kill when they get back on the ice.
Shots: Blackhawks 15 - Blues 5

With the Hawks starting the second on the power play they would break the stalemate, 1:14 into the period Teravainen takes a slapper from the top of the circle and Ladd redirects it past Allan. "And the moms go crazy!" This period would see a few nasty chippy plays the worst being more of an accident than anything else, Toews goes to carry the puck up the boards and is leaned on by Schwartz which would have been a innocent play if not for an open bench door; Toews slams into the door jam and labours back to bench and then the dressing room. Luckily he would return to finish the frame. The period ends with Seabrook laying out Lehtera showing Reaves how to lay a clean hit.  What did you think of that hit Seabs?
Shots: Blackhawks 7 - Blues 15

The third would be mostly controlled by the Blues, and the Hawks would only help them by taking three consecutive minors within seven minutes. TVR for hooking, the bench for too many men, and Ehrhoff for holding. The Blues would cash in on two out of three of the chances. Backes and ex-Hawk Brouwer would be credited with the tallies. While the Blues continue to press the Hawks manage to get some pressure by pulling Crow with a respectable amount of time left in the game as to not upset Stankus. The strategy pays off, with 1:17 left the Breadman, Panarin evens the score after a sweet dish by Toews setting him up right in front of the net. The period ends leading to Stankus' next favourite, 3v3 overtime. 
Shots: Blackhawks 11- Blues 8

Overtime would prove to be the shit show we know it can be. Both teams get some solid chances and even a review of a no goal call where Ladd knocks the puck in the net but not before pushing Allan in as well. This game's going to a shootout. 
Shots: Blackhawks 2 - Blues 2
Total shots: Blackhawks 35 - Blues 30

The shootout would go 6 rounds before a winner was decided, Hawks goals by Panarin and Anisimov but a goal post by Teravainen would end the Hawks chances at the second point. I'm a Crawford fan but another save or two would have gone a huge way towards a W. The Blues win 3-2 via shootout. 

  • With all the dangerous play going on all Hawks finished the game. 
  • Getting one point when being down with less than two minutes in the game.
  • Ehrhoff made more smart plays tonight than Scuderi did in his entire, albeit short, Blackhawks career. (Except for the penalty in the third, but it might have saved a goal (But the Blues scored on the PP anyway))  
  • 3 Penalties in the third when only leading by one is a recipe for disaster.
  • I think icebags will be in hot demand in the Hawks locker room as they where out hit 12 to 34, I know, I know #MOARHITS.
  • You will most likely need more than two goals to beat teams not from Canada. 

  • The hit by Reaves looked horrible in real time, luckily after a little time in the quiet room Ehrhoff came back. 
  • Toews smashing into the boards is evidence enough for me that the doors should not be opened during play, the players can easily hop the boards and get in and out of the bench. Sure use them during stoppages but not while the play is live. 
  • The Loonie continues to plummet as @atomicfroster is now 0-2-2. Well it was good knowing you folks, but I foresee many games riding the bench as we go down the stretch. Hey maybe front office will throw me a softball like Calgary or Vancouver. 

Ladd - Toews - Shaw
Panarin - Anisimov - Kane
Desjardins - Teravainen - Fleischmann
Manshinter - Rasmussen - Weise 

Keith - Hjalmarsson 
TVR - Seabrook
Ehrhoff - Rozsival


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