Saturday, May 30, 2015

PLAYOFFS: Blackhawks at Anaheim
5-3 Win Recap


by Gatekeeper

The Blackhawks headed to sunny SoCal for an intense game 7, Saturday evening. The Ducks held the home ice advantage, but the Blackhawks had the momentum, after an emotional win in Chicago, in game 6. This one had the entire Chicago area in knots for 3 days.

The Blackhawks could not have had a better first period. While they were out shot by the Ducks 8-6, the Blackhawks led the scoring 2-0. No better way to calm nerves and get comfortable on the road than taking a 2 goal lead. The Blackhawks also led in faceoff wins 11-5. The hardest part would be too keep this up and hold the lead for 40 more mins.

The Blackhawks started the second period the same way they did in the first. They were out shot 18-10 but, once again, out scored the Ducks. This time it was by a 2-1 margin. With this, the Blackhawks had to hold on to a 3 goal lead for 20 minutes and they were back in the Stanley Cup final for the 3rd time in 6 years.

The Blackhawks came out and did exactly what they needed to, in the third period. They were out shot 12-10 once again, and were out scores 2-1, but held on. The Blackhawks are headed to the Stanley Cup Final for the third time in 6 years. This looks pretty damn good.

The Good
  • The Blackhawks started the game chasing the Ducks around their zone, and after only 2:19, a long Niklas Hjalmarsson rebound was slammed home by Jonathan Toews for a 1-0 lead. Great way to calm some nerves on the road. The Ducks Beauchemin gave Toews far too much room to scoop up the fat rebound and let him score.
  • Just over halfway through the first period, Jonathan Toews stuck the knife in just a little further on the powerplay. He circled high in hte Ducks zone and let a long wrist shot go through an Andrew Shaw screen, beating Andersen, and giving the Blackhawks a 2-0 lead.
  • Just over a minute into the second period, the Ducks got sloppy in their own zone and the Blackhawks were given a loose puck low in the Ducks zone. Patrick Kane reached the puck first and chipped it to a wide open Saad on the back door, who had the entire net to hit. 3-0
  • Marian Hossa jumped into the mix on a late second period odd man rush. Brad Richards got a great shot on Andersen but the rebound was there for Hossa. Hossa was not able to control with his stick, but it hit his skate and went into hte net. The goal was reviewed and it was determined that there was no distinct kicking motion. 4-0
  • A few minutes after the Perry goal, Marian Hossa drew a penalty on a beautiful defensive play. Brent Seabrook took the puck at the point and drove a long shot through Andersen, to take back the 3 goal lead. No problem. 5-2
  • Crawford gave up one bad goal, but it wasn't awful. He saved 35 of 38 shots and kept the game from ever getting close.
  • When the going got tough, the big boys stepped up. Toews had 2 goals, and Kane had 3 apples.
  • I'm still perfectly fine with the Rundblad/Cumiskey duo. They only played 13 minutes, and did not kill the team.
  • The time on ice for the d-men was spread around nicely. Keith led (27:51), but not by a wide margin.

The Bad
  • The Ducks got away with yet another Too Many Men penalty. I didn't make much of an issue about the supposed missed Too Many Men call earlier in the series but the Hawks seem to get called for it ALL the time. It's getting silly.
  • Patrick Maroon and Corey Perry got together to cut the Blackhawks lead to 4-3, with about 8 minutes remaining. The Hawks got a little lazy, letting Perry sneak in behind them. Getzlaf pushed the puck to Maroon and Maroon drove to the net, hitting Perry on the back door.
  • Richards missing the open net with about a minute to go was pretty hilarious.
  • With 41 seconds remaining, the Ducks were able to score a late PP goal, after Johnny Oduya took a delay of game penalty. Whatever.
  • Bryan Bickell only played 4:22 and no shifts in the 3rd period. Marcus Kruger didn't play ate in the game either. I have to think the Kruger one was an injury, but not sure about Bickell.
  • I said all along that I didn't trust Freddy Andersen, and in the end I was right. He's a spot filler.
  • All those #HITZ sure did hurt the Blackhawks, eh?

The Ugly
  • After Brandon Saad drew a penalty on a shorthanded partial breakaway, the Ducks and Hawks played 4 on 4. Ryan Kesler caught Crawford napping at a tight angle and beat him high from a tight angle. 4-1
  • Pierre McGuire started yapping about pullling the goalie with over 5 minutes left. hat isn't going to accomplish anything but giving up an empty netter. God damn morons. Boudreau pulled him at 3:15, which is still excessive, but much more reasonable.

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