Friday, August 29, 2014

The Barren Wasteland of the Offseason
Checking In

It's been quite a while since we have posted anything around here, so here goes.

As we slowly get back into the swing of things around these parts, the Blackhawks news has been slow, at best. The most interesting news that the Blackhawks have announced is the signing of a minor league depth goalie. Down time is much needed for us at the Puckin Hostile headquarters, but we are ready for some real hockey.

Some things you'll notice this season are as follows:

-Articles and recaps will be split up between Pat and I, so we can actually live life outside of the Blackhawks universe. This will provide for better content and less of those "mailing it in" situations. I am just as guilty as anyone.

-The Shoutcast grows by leaps and bounds every episode. We may or may not bump it up to a weekly thing. Covering 2 weeks of Blackhawks news sometimes leaves us to gloss over the things that happened early in the time frame. That said, we love doing it, and it is pretty safe to say that the Shoutcast is here to stay. Pat and I cannot thank you all enough for listening and enjoying.

-We are seriously investigating the idea of Puckin Hostile shirts, again. Let us know if you are interested. Once I get a decent estimate, we will put in an order. Also, we are discussing some t-shirt give-a-way contests. Stay tuned.

Enjoy the rest of your down time because, before you know it, the season will be in full swing.

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