Monday, June 2, 2014

Another Season Wraps Up
Locker Clean Out Day

This is the time of year when one reflects back on what just happened. The Blackhawks started this wild ride 8 months ago, and so did all of us. Blood, sweat and tears along the way lead us to what happened last night. The Hawks were eliminated from the playoffs in game 7 of the Western Conference Final by the Los Angeles Kings. It is more of a curse than a blessing, but those of us that provide Blackhawks content can finally relax for a few weeks. That said I’d like to wrap up this season with a “Thank You” post. So here goes:

The Committed Indian – If it weren’t for this ghastly group of goons, I wouldn’t be doing this blog. Period. As with all of the people I follow closely, I don’t always agree with everything, nor should I, but I respect their opinions and thank them for opening my eyes to new perspectives regularly.

Jeff Marek and Greg Wyshynski – These guys are the primary inspiration for the Shoutcast, and I listen to them religiously.

Hockee Night – Same as the Committed Indian, this merry band of misfits provide entertainment to a level that keeps me constantly shooting higher every day. Along with Marek and Wyshynski, these guys inspired me to start my own podcast. As John Bush from Anthrax said, “Always room for one more.”

The Third Man InChris Block is a WEALTH of Blackhawks knowledge and I respect his opinion greatly. He dishes it out raw as and pretty much uncensored, which is a lot like how I approach my site.

Patrick Stankus – Pat has become my sidekick on the Shoutcast, and it’s been a pleasure rambling with him for a few hours every couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to all that will come in the future with this project.

The remaining Blackhawks Blog-o-Sphere – All the guys and gals that make up this group I like to call myself a part of. The Cheer the Anthem guys, Blackhawks Up, as wells as Greg and the crew at 2nd City Hockey are all people that work hard to make this fan base the best.

The Blackhawks beat writers are an entertaining and fun group, and trust me, we could be stuck with some clowns (:cough: Jesse Rogers:cough:).

And finally I have to thank my family and friends for putting up with, and supporting this infatuation/obsession of mine.

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