Saturday, January 18, 2014

Blackhawks Week That Was - 1/17

1/11 - Blackhawks at Montreal
2-1 Overtime Loss

  • Leave it up to Truck Nutz (Handzus) to screw up what would have been the game winning goal. First he falls down behind the net with absolutely no one around then he gets caught in the crease, which ended up resulting in a waved off goal.
  • I'm not really sure what the hell Kane and Seabrook were doing in OT, but it was a complete clusterfuck.
  • Crawford made some outstanding saves, none of which were better than the one he made without his stick and while the Hawks were on the powerplay.
  • The Hawks were terrible at the dots. Shaw was the best Hawks center at 50%. Kruger and Handzus were in the 30 percentile range.
  • Kane was a minus 2, with no points. Off night.
  • Carey Price has definitely benefitted from the arrival of Stephane Waite.
Here are the video highlights:
1/12 - Blackhawks vs Oilers 5-3 Win
  • Lets not beat around the bush. The talk of the game, and the league, was the goal that Patrick Kane scored on his own empty net during a delayed penalty. At least it didn't cost them anything but some embarrassment and a little schmutz on their faces. Click the link to enjoy the hilarity.
  • While I've seen a lot of talk about how Raanta should have challenged Hemsky more on his goal there is much more to it. Deuce, Carter Seven and Truck Nutz all left enough room for Hemsky to not only drive the net, but drive through the crease. Of all three, I would have liked to see Seabrook drill Hemsky before he was even able to get to the net. It was clear that Mr Norris Trophy was beaten, and Seabrook had a beat on Hemsky.
  • It was nice to see Shaw get some time with some talent again, and score. Funny how you put a guy with some wheels out there with Saad and Kane, and things happen.
  • The Toews goal was just FILTHY. He made Dubnyk turn into putty.
  • The Hawks were back to dominating the faceoff dots. They were 61% as a team and El Capitan led the way, winning 17 of 23 faceoffs (75%).
  • The birthday boy, Marian Hossa, had a goal and an assist. Not too shabby for being 35.
  • Former first overall pick Nail Yakupov was a minus 3, and so was Nick Schultz. Not going to impress the coaching staff that way.
Here are the video highlights:
1/14 - Blackhawks vs Avalanche 3-2 Overtime Loss
  • The SOLE reason the Blackhawks lost was one person, Semyon Varlamov. The guy made 46 saves, including 13 while shorthanded.
  • While Varlamov was huge in net, the Hawks defense wasn't exactly stellar. You can put the first Avs goal on Crawford because it was pretty shady but the second Avs goal, 61 seconds later, was all on the Hawks PK. The overtime goal was again on the Hawks defense. Hjalmarsson had a chance to clear the puck and didn't. The defense turned into a complete shit show after that, leaving Barrie wide open to snipe Crawford on the back door.
  • Shock&Shaw had another strong game, tying up the score in the third period and having an assist on the Oduya goal. That's 2 goals and three points in the two game since he was demoted.
  • The Hawks were really strong at the dots once again, winning 58% of their draws. El Capitan was insanely good, again, winning 21 of 29 faceoffs (72%).
  • The Hawks going 0-5 on the powerplay certainly didn't help their woes. If they convert just one of those, which would be below their average, we're not even discussing overtime.
  • The Blackhawks prized power forward played only 9 shifts for 6:34 and was a minus 1. Either he's really still hurt, or Q just despises him. If he's hurt, then sit him and get someone that is capable of playing more than 3 shifts a period. If he's in the Chateau Bow Wow, then throw him on the 4th line of scratch him.
  • Versteeg has gone Vercold, once again. He hasn't had a point in six games and is a minus 3 with 7 PIMs in those games. He hasn't had a goal in 9 games.
Here are the video highlights:
1/17 - Blackhawks vs Ducks 4-2 Win
  • Well, Well, Well. Looks like the cold stiff corpse of Bryan Bickell made an appearance when it counted. His third period breakaway goal, with a guy draped all over him, ended up being the game winner. Back to the casket for you, sir.
  • Speaking of cold stiff corpses, who is that number 23 guy? Versteeg's goal was a little flukey, especially because he barreled into three Ducks players and still managed to eventually poke the puck by Hiller. He was rewarded by getting hit at teh end of the second by Bryan Bickell and never returned.
  • It amazes me that with talent like Hossa and Toews on the penalty kill, they are still 29th in the league. The Hossa shorthanded goal, in the first period, was mastery. Three one touch passes and Hoss was off to the races on a really nice 2-on-1.
  • While the first Ducks goal was a really nice effort from Getzlaf, Hammer started it off with a needless blind backhand pass, and Johnny Oduya completely overcommitted to the slide. The second Ducks goal was a woof fest. Crawford just got eaten up by a fairly easy shot. This is just more fuel to the meatballs call for Raanta, which will be about as fun and entertaining as chewing on a bucket full of broken glass.
  • The only Hawks center that wasn't great at the dots was Andrew Shaw, who was only 4 of 11. The overall they were at 56%.
  • I know this is really getting picky, but Brandon Bollig on the ice late in a one goal game, just makes me want to drench puppies in gasoline and set them on fire. Why tempt fate? Also, how he was credited with seven hits, is beyond my comprehension.
  • Nick Bonino and Nick Beleskey were minus 3 each for the Ducks.
  • Patrick Sharp had six shots on net and a minus one. It is safe to say he has cooled off a bit.
  • Remember when the Ducks fans and media wanted to trade Hiller because twenty nine year old Viktor Fasth was their future?
Here are the video highlights:

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