Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blackhawks Week That Was - 12/28

12/23 - Blackhawks vs Devils -

  • Sharp continued his absolutely hot and consistent play, with 2 goals.
  • Not Antti Raanta's best performance, but it was enough to get things done. He only had to make 10 saves on 12 shots.
  • The Hawks absolutely dominated at the dots to the tune of 68%. For as quiet of a game as El Capitan had, he won 17 of 22 draws, and was a plus 3.
  • Sharp (6) and Keith (7) combined for more shots than the entire Devils team.
Here are the video highlights:
12/27 - Blackhawks vs Avalanche - 7-2 Win
  • Pat and Ed tried to blame it on the lack of skating for 3 days, but the Hawks opened up a can of whoop ass from the word "go".
  • If Sharp was hot the previous game, he was a towering inferno against the Avs. Shooter had three goals and an assist before the halfway point of the game, but maybe the play of the year thus far was his strip from behind of a Matt Duchene breakaway, and then feed for a Toews breakaway goal back the other way.
  • Overshadowed by the Sharp hat trick, El Capitan was right behind him with 4 points himself. He just missed his own hat trick late in the game.
  • On the back end Keith added to his amazing assist pace, with three more.
  • With all the hoopla and horseshit, the line of Shaw, Bickell, and Saad still managed minus 1's each.
  • It turned out to be completely irrelevant but the Hawks were beaten at the dots, 46% to 54%.
  • Eric Johnson and Jan Hejda were eaten alive by the Hawks forwards. They were a combined minus 8 on the night.
  • I said it on twitter, but I don't care if you're a Hall of Fame goaltender or not. You don't leave your goalie in to eat 7 goals, and a puck to the yap. This is the same guy that cried his way out of Montreal because he was felt he was left in too long. Eat shit, Roy.
Here are the video highlights:

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