Friday, January 25, 2013

Blackhawks at Dallas - OT Win Recap

"Power Player"

Hold me, Marian. Hold me tight.

Last night the Hawks travelled to sunny Dallas Texas, to take on the pesky Stars. It would be east to look past this team, but they have some firepower and a very good goalie. Newcomers Ray Whitney and Jaromir Jagr are leading the Stars in points, like fans hoped they would. Thank christ that they cast off mega douche faces Mike Ribiero and Steve Ott last summer, because those two were grade A pain in the asses. Good riddance to the Eastern conference for both of those clowns. The Stars were also short Jamie Benn, who is a RFA and still without paper. During the game it was announced that Benn had re-signed, so the Hawks lucked out on that. Anyhow, the Hawks were, of course, riding a 3 game winning streak, which was their best start in 30 years. Hard to believe, yet true. Live from Dallas Texas, it's the Blackhawks and the Stars...

The Hawks came out like they were running a track meet once again. Up and down the ice like a mid 80's game. They ended up going to the locker room down 1-0 on a bad goal, even though they out shot Dallas 12-6. You'd think that would bring more favorable results.

The second period was more of the same in the shot totals column, but the Stars took a 2-0 lead half way though the period. It could have been lights out for the Hawks, but they battles back with a goal of their own to head into the third down 2-1, but up in shots a staggering 30-14.

The third period was once again dominated by Blackhawks shots, but the difference was that they were the only ones to score in this frame. The Hawks tied it up in the last half of the period on 10 shots, and then went on to use their only overtime shot to win the game. 4-0 and next up...Columbus on Saturday. Viktor Stalberg, your table is ready!

The Good

  • Megamayers was finally in the lineup in stead of Bollig. I think the guy warrants more than 6:49 of ice time, but Quenneville dressing him is a step in the right direction. Why did the Hawks re-sign him if they were going to scratch him?
  • All Hawks centers were above the 50% mark at the dots, while Cody Eakin was eaten alive. I like this.
  • About 5 minutes into the second General Saad, and Hoss had a 2 on 1, which resulted in a great shot by Saad. Lehtonen made a great tight save on Saad, and Toews was there for the rebound and Lehtonen made an even better save on him.
  • When Nick Leddy winds himself up, he's is absolutely electric. His end to end rush in the second made everyone else look like they were standing in cold molasses. He blew by everyone, up the right side and fed a wide open Hoss, who Cody Eakin left to make a sammich in Lehtonen's kitchen. Again, Lehtonen made a great stop. If I'm a Dallas fan, I'm throwing eggs and rotten fruit at this Eakin kid.
  • The Hawks were the recipient of a little devine intervention on a late second period powerplay. The Hawks were hitting tape to tape passes across the Dallas zone and Shooter tried to hit Stalberg on the back door. Trevor Daley had other ideas, and attempted to block the pass. I say attempted because he not only blocked the pass, but beat his own goalie, to give the Hawks life. 2-1 Stars.
  • Duncan Keith made what might be the play of the night, after a late second period Star flurry. The Stars were just abusing the Hawks in heir own zone as time was running out. Goligoski took a long shot that snuck through Crawford's legs again and sloooooooooowly rolled towards the goal line. Keith reached behind Crow with about 2 seconds to go, and swept it clear of the net to save another potential period ending disaster. Clutch as clutch can be. If Keith plays the way he has for three out of the for games, the Hawks are going to do extremely well.
  • The Hawks second powerplay goal of the game tied the contest up with just under 6 minutes to play in the third period. Sharp set the play up from the right point and was able to hit an open Tazer at the top of the left circle. Toews took a stride and ripped a lazer over Lehtonen. The crowd went nuts, with all the Hawks fans on hand. It sounded like a home game. Again, CLUTCH by the big paper guys.
  • After killing a late third period/early OT powerplay perfectly, and almost dominating the shorthanded time, the Hawks were able to draw a powerplay of their own, in OT. The Hawks made quick work, with 1:41 gone in OT. Kaner and Hossa worked an extended give-n-go with a 4-on-3 advantage. Hossa passed over to an open Kane who first looked like he was going to let the shot go from a pretty good position in the slot. Kaner, having the vision that he does, noticed Goligoski sliding over to block the shot. Just as everyone was screaming "NO! What are you waiting f...NOT A BLIND BACKHAND PASS!!!!", he did just that, hitting Hossa on the tape for a one timer past Lehtonen. Game...Set...Match!!!
  • I want to point out that the Hawks win is no reflection of Kari Lehtonen's play. He was OUTSTANDING. When he is healthy, he is a top notch netminder and I'd take him on my club, any day.
  • Six shots each for 19 and 88. Five shots each for Saad, and Hossa. Bolly had 3 shots and Shooter had 2. That top 6 is rounding out really nice, isn't it? Twenty seven shots from your top 6, alone, is quite impressive.
  • Three points for Handsome Pat. CLUTCH!
The Bad
  • Meatball stat of the day. The Hawks were out hit for the 4th straight game 19-13. Amazingly enough, they still win. Funny how that works. This brings the season total to 123-70.
  • Everyone talks about the bad attendance in Phoenix, but where were the gun toting, ten gallon hat and cowboy boot wearing Dallas folk? They were playing an exciting, high scoring, 3-0 team. Amateurs. Must have been a rodeo or a cock fight in town.
The Ugly
  • The Stars opened up the scoring with 0.6 seconds left in the first period, shorthanded. Louis Eriksson put on a show after a block of a Seabrook point shot. Derek Roy was able to cleverly flip the puck to Eriksson, who turned on 5th gear and blew around Seabrook. He then dragged Seabs on his back as he came in on Crow. Eriksson's shot was originally saved by Crow, but dropped down trough him like a coin in a soda machine and rolled into the net. While it was as ugly as honey boo boo's mother to give up a shorthander with that little time left, Eriksson's effort was pretty damn good. Crawford wasn't entirely at fault either. Unfortunate bounce after the initial shot.
  • The second goal was just as bad as the first. Half way through the second, it looked like it was light out for the Hawks. The Hawks won a neutral zone faceoff, and Michal Rozsival blew the clearing chance off the boards. Eakin intercepted and chipped it to Whitney, whom Leddy had left to camp out in front of the net. Whitney was still on his backhand though, which should favor Crawford, but that wasn't the case. Whitney shoveled a top chizel shot over Crow's blocker and it was 2-0 Stars.
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