Saturday, October 27, 2012

News Flash - Fans DO Miss Hockey
Champs for Charity a Huge Success

Last night some former and current Blackhawks played a charity game against some other NHLers for the Ronald McDonald house, at the All State Arena in Rosemont. Anyone showing up to this event thinking it was going to be anything other than a lighthearted schmoozefest, well, the joke is on them.

There were "missed" calls, all penalties were penalty shots, there was a mob style mugging of Dan Carcillo, and there was a goalie on goalie penalty shot. This was a CHARITY game with a bunch of highly paid, when they are actually playing, professional players. No one was going to risk serious injury for a charity game. The players yucked it up for the crowd and took a primary role as "entertainers", rather than "cattle", and the overall theme was laughs and tom foolery.

With an announced crown of just under 12,000 people, and over $323,000 raised, it's safe to say that people in Chicago miss their hockey, or at least their Blackhawks.

Blackhawks Star Patrick Kane did exactly what you would expect him to do, by scoring 5 goals and winning the MVP trophy, just in time to head over to Switzerland with mom.

Here is the recap of my live tweeting:

-Kaner comes out to cheers and a standing ovation
-Joe Corvo (Boston, but playing for his hometown Hawks) rocking the killer Mohawk
-Mike Brown (Toronto) is rocking an EPIC lockout beard.
-Wizzzer (Columbus) with an Atrocious turnover and the hawks team down 0-2
-Jared Boll (LA Kings) for a 3-0 World team . Ouchie
-Kaner give the Hawks team life. 3-1 world
-Tazer breakaway goal on a "missed" offsides for the hawks second goal.
-Ladd (Winnipeg) brings out the dagger for 3-3 tie
-Craig Adams (Pittsburgh) on the penalty shot for a 4-3 hawks lead
-Jordan Staal (Carolina) ties it back up at 4s
-Kaner puts the hawks back ahead with under a minute left in the 1st.
-Ladder (Winnipeg) scores again to incite the canoe celebration and the daggar again.
-Sharpie scores for a 7-4 hawks lead.
-Lockout beard (Mike Smith of Toronto) scores to cut the lead to 7-5.
-Anderson (Ottawa) turns puck over to leino (Buffalo) for a world goal.
-Goligoski (Dallas) ties the game up at 7-7.
-Burish (San Jose) does a ned braden striptease after putting the hawks up 8-7.
-Timonen (Philly) ties it up again After a huge Anderson save.
-Tazer with goal 9 for hawks.
-Correction sharpie with 9 followed by kaners hat trick goal.
-Corvo (Boston) on the delayed penalty. 11-8 hawks
-Bobby ryan (Anaheim) scores the 9th world goal.
-Staal (Carolina) with #10 for the world.
-World ties it up 11-11 By Brookbank (Hawks but playing for the World).
-Ladder (Winneipeg) hat trick puts the hawks back up 12-11.
-Penalty shot goal for Jake the Snake Dowell (Minnesota) for a 13-11 Hawks lead.
-Detroit sucks chants loooouuuuud and clear. (TRUTH!!!)
-Carbomb (Hawks but playing for the World) pulled onto Hawks bench to fight Ryan Dempster, Wizzer, and Burish
-Thornton (Boston) goal to bring the world back within 1. 13-12.
-Backstrom (Minny) scores on the first goalie on goalie penalty shot. 13-13. Sandstorm ensues
-Miettinen (Winnipeg) pits the world up 14-13.
-Wizzer turnover = carbomb goal. 15-13 world.
-Kaner goal brings the hawks back within 1. Gould throws the challenge flag and loses.
-Kaner ties it up with the goalie pulled and 1:42 left. Crowd on their feet.
-After watching Wizzer play this game Scott Howson just shot himself. Shootout time.
-Tazer hits crossbar.
-Bobby Ryan scores
-Shooter evens it up
-Staal stopped by anderson
-Kaner scores to put hawks up.
-Leino stopped by anderson
-Ladder Stopped
-Timonen beats anderson to tie it up
-Brouwser no goal.
-Carbomb Scores to win the game on the kaner stop n go
-Kaner wins MVP
-$323,500 raised for Champs For Charity

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