Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Incredi-bolly Dilemma

Normally, I let don't get too riled up over one article, unless it is a subject that really gets under my skin. The artcles that bring the insane personnel change scenarios are the ones that chafe my ass like no others. That is usually because these silly scenarios are just video game pipe dreams. Hence the David Bolland Dilemma. A couple of weeks ago, Al Cimaglia from Hockey Independent threw out a vague rumor to trade Dave Bolland for a second line center or to make room for Ryan Suter. Then, this week, Jesse Rodgers from ESPN followed suit by floating a similar scenario, involving Jordan Staal from the Penguins. Where there is smoke, fire usually follows, right?

There are a couple of details about these ideas that don't sit right with me, and I have to stand behind Sam Fels at Second City Hockey/Committed Indian. Moving Bolland, who is one of the top third line centers in the entire league, just shifts the hole at center to third line. Kruger might develop into a good third line center, SOMEDAY, but at the moment, he's too small, and takes too much of a beating. The Hawks are already thin at the position in the first place, and trading away a proven commodity, like a shutdown center, doesn't compute to me. For a team that has already had questionable defensive zone prowess, letting a defensive gem go is kind of silly, when you're not upgrading. In Jesse's case, he suggested Bolland, Saad, a prospect, and a pick for Staal, which is complete skull sodomy. Bolland is Bolland, Saad is going to be a stud in the near future, they have depth in the system but they aren't overflowing, and how many early picks has anyone seen Bowman give up? If Bowman offered the Pens that deal and they turned it down, they are brain dead.

Jordan Staal is a really nice player, BUT he only has a year left on his $4 million deal, where he then becomes an UFA. When he hits the open market, he could command a multi-year deal in upwards of $6 million a year, to the right buyer. Do the Blackhawks want to play that game of Russian Roulette, and possibly be left minus 5 bodies, at the beginning of 2013-14? It just doesn't make any sense.

Let me make this clear, it's not the dealing of Bolland that I disagree with, it's the details. If there was a tasty deal out there, and the names Bolland, Hjalmarsson, Stalberg, or Bickell are involved, by all means pull the trigger, but the return has to make sense. I wouldn't even be opposed to parting with Morin, Pirri or one of the defensive prospects in Rockford, for the right price. I just beg for some sign sanity.

As far as Suter goes, it's a pipe dream. He will be calling Detroit home, come September. The Blackhawks aren't going to go into the next season with a #3 defender making more cabbage than their #1 and #2 defenders; AGAIN. Fels made a great point with Chris Block a few weeks ago, when he said that over $7 million a year wasn't good enough last summer for Campbell, but it is this summer for Suter? They both bring different things to the table, but Campbell brings more of what the Hawks need. This deal would just prove last summer's deal an enormous failure and waste of time.

In other positive news, the Hawks re-upped Jamal MegaMayers to a one year $600K deal. Based on the price and his versatility, I'm perfectly fine with this depth move. If he sits half of the games, it's still a deal for a fan favorite.

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