Friday, April 20, 2012

PLAYOFFS - Blackhawks vs. Coyotes Game 4 OT Loss

"The Thing That Should Not Be"

Just when you thought things couldn't get any more dramatic, Raffi Torres throws his ass-hat in the ring. Just as the Coyotes were starting to savor the sweet taste of justice, with the Shaw suspension, Torres pulled one of the biggest asshole move of the series, yet. With Hossa down for what might be a considerable length of time, Brandon Saad was the first player to be given a chance to step in and contribute. The Coyotes were still without a couple of their players, as well, with Hanzel and Korpikoski out. I had the honor of attending the game, thanks to an old High School friend, that was nice enough to score me a seat.

The first period looked like a really motivated Hawks team as they came out and out shot the Coyotes 11-5, but there were no goals scored. The second period was more of the same with the Hawks getting 12 more shots, and only allowing 5, but again they weren't able to finish. The third period was full of action as both teams scored two goals, and the shots were much more even. Extra time once again for these teams, and the Coyotes took only a couple of minutes to end the game and send the series back to Phoenix with a 3-1 Phoenix lead.

The Good

  • While Saad had just over 13 minutes of time, he didn't look any worse than what Hossa gave in the the first three games of the series.
  • The chants of "Hossa, Hossa, Hossa" to open overtime really gave me the chills. It was a heartfelt gesture by the fans.
  • Of all the people that I would have picked to get the goal to bring the Hawks back within one goal, the LAST player would have been Brendan Morrison. I don't care what he did, he still sucks! He got lucky because his shot was deflected up and over Smith's shoulder by Rosty Klesla. Whatever, it's a goal. There was finally some life in this team. 2-1 Yotes
  • Michael Frolik continued to make up for his horrible regular season by tying up the game late in the third period. Bolland made a great clutch play to get the puck to the slot and get a backhand on net. The rebound came out and laid in the crease where Frolik was hanging out on the back door. He poked it into the net with one hand, and the place was up for grabs. The question is, though, should they really only be tied at this point? Absolutely not. Amazing what happens when you create pressure in front of the net, eh gents?

The Bad

  • While the Hawks out shot the Coyotes 32-19, it's disturbing just how few actual scoring chances the Hawks had. When a team out shoots an opponent as bad as the Hawks have, you HAVE to have a better goal differential. Mike Smith my ass, the percentages don't lie.
  • The Hawks were whipped at the dots, once again, and it's become a rare occurrence when they haven't been. Toews and Kruger were average, Bolland was pretty bad, and Morrison didn't win a draw.
  • The Coyotes out hit the Hawks 50-32, which isn't all that odd, but where they should be worried was the shot blocks. The Coyotes had 21 and the Hawks had only 6. If the blocks were just even, the Hawks would have had 15 more chances.
  • I'm so fucking tired of watching people like Stalberg try to force tough passes when there are clear, open, easy passes, or watch them try to walk through defenders one-on-one, when they could simply chip it deep. Stalberg especially, could give a defender windburn by chipping and chasing. There isn't a player in the league that's going to turn and keep up with him. Stop trying to be so fucking fancy.
  • Once again, Quenneville essentially played only 10 forwards. Bollig and Morrison only played three and nine minutes respectively, so the other 10 players needed to pick up the slack. Is there ever going to be a point when the coaches realize that this doesn't work? Wake the fuck UP! It's common sense.
  • That being said, They dressed Lurch instead of Lepisto or Olsen. I can live with this, because O'Donnell can kill penalties. The problems with this is that A) O'Donnell is fucking old, slow, and can't carry the puck for shit, and B) He played only 9 minutes. Why dress a 6th d-man and 11th/12th forwards if you're not going to play them? This isn't "rocket surgery" people!
  • Hey, guys? Kaner? Sharpie? Anytime you guys want to show up and contribute, would be fine by us. Toews gets a pass because he's clearly not 100%, but when Frolik and Morrison are your contributors, something is very fucking wrong. VERY wrong. And that penalty Sharp took with 5 minutes to go in the game, with the Hawks down by one goal was just stupid!

The Ugly

  • Paul "Biznasty" Bissonnette and Brandon Bollig decided to dance in one of the most anticlimactic fights ever. Biznasty took the decision, but was tossed from the game when his jersey came off. Seriously, what did this charade accomplish? Not a god damned thing!
  • The powerplay fails AGAIN. Did we really expect any less? One time. That's all we ask for. One powerplay goal would have brought a win. I hate to be the one that predicts failure, but I said it before. If they didn't fix the powerplay or the penalty kill, they wouldn't make it out of the first round. Gee, look where they are.
  • With thirteen minutes left in the game, the single most shithead play of the game happened. Johnny Oduya made my shitlist on a big way, by getting absolutely worked over and embarrassed by Shane Doan. The Coyotes dumped the puck in for a change and Oduya leisurely skipped back to get it. Doan came off the bench, went all the way around the net, picked Oduya's pocket in a masterful manner, and fed Ray Whitney for a cross ice one timer. That's not the worst of it! Crawford made a beautiful save, but the rebound went back to Doan, who easily beat Crawford. THIS is what made me scream, "ODUYA! YOU LAZY FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!" at everyone in section 210, before the puck ever went in the net. Once Oduya get horsed, you'd think he'd dig his ass off to get back and help bail his own ass out. No, he didn't. He pouted like a child, and left Leddy and Crawford all alone while he coasted back. The Campoli turnover last year really left a bad taste in everyone's mouths, well this one should leave a worse taste. No fucking excuse for that lackadaisical horseshit. Fuck you, Oduya! This isn't fucking Winnipeg or Atlanta. This was THE PLAY that gave the Coyotes life. 1-0 Yotes
  • Forty four seconds later, the Coyotes took a 2-0 lead, and I was about to get up and leave. Bolland, Bickell, and Keith got mesmerized by the puck and left their areas. Bickell tried to push the puck through a player and the boards, which obviously doesn't work. Seabrook poked at the puck like like it was a rabid sleeping wildebeest, leaving Pyatt free reign to take a pass from behind the net and direct it past Crawford. Where do you start, and where do you end with the fucking terrible on this play. Even the most constant player on the team, Seabrook, looked terrible. C'mon guys, show some fucking PRIDE! 2-0 Yotes
  • The game winning goal was just deplorable. From top to bottom, the whole play was a truckload of bullshit and half-assed play. It only took one overtime shot to win it for the Coyotes. O'Donnell got caught trying to keep the puck in the Coyotes zone, Leddy got caught trying to be too aggressive and lost his cushion on Boedker, and Boedker went around him. Now, Crawford has to make the save because Boedker never really even got shot off. The puck just slowly rolled between Crawford's legs with all the commotion. FUCKING TERRIBLE by everyone on the defensive end of the ice, for the Hawks. UN-FUCKING-ACCEPTABLE!

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