Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blackhawks vs Capitals - Preseaon Recap...Sort of

Since the game wasn't on TV and I had to listen to the Caps radio feed, here is all I could come up with based on the radio and limited video highlights:

-The Ward goal was fairly average. Long shot from very high in the slot by Ovechkin that he tipped in. Crawford was probably screened, and doesn't have much help on tipped shots.

-I'm not really sure who pissed in his corn flakes, but Pick-to-Click Vik was an absolute BEAST. Two goals, even more chances, and he was, should I say, DOMINANT?. Could he be hitting his stride?

-First Hawks fight of the season: Megamind Mayers, against Chicagoan, and Former Hawks Prospect, Danny Richmond.

-First Hawks goal: Nice feed from Saad, who drew the defender to him, and then dumped it off to Stalberg on the back door. Put it on the board.

-Second Hawks goal: Vik blazed around the Caps defender Sean Collins, and Vokoun was drawn down and out of the net. Wraparounds are always bad goals for a goalie to give up.

-Second Caps goal was a BRUTAL giveaway by The Matador in the Hawks zone. Hendricks picked it up and did what and NHL player SHOULD do, given the opportunity.

-The game winner by Saad was a snipefest. Tazer drew two Washington defenders and dumped it off to Saad who sniped Vokoun top shelf. The kid had a hell of a game.

-Jimmy Hayes had 5 shots on net to lead the Hawks. At least he's getting it on net.

-Agent Smith lead all Hawks Forwards in ice time, and Duncs lead all Defensemen.

-No powerplay goals either way. Some powerhouses, eh?

-Nice comeback, and the line of Vik, Tazer, and Saad was obviously dominant

Here are the video highlights:

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