Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fatrick's Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions

As we sit here on the eve (or morning of by the time I finish this) of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I felt it was time to reveal my first round predictions. I don't know about the rest of you, but this really is the greatest time of the year. I mean who doesn't welcome the return of 5 on 5, sudden death overtime? You know, the way hockey was meant to be played. Anyway, enough about that, lets roll onto the predictions since midnight is fast approaching.

Western Conference

Central Division

1. Dallas Stars vs. WC. Minnesota Wild - Dallas in 5 games
2. St. Louis Blues vs. 3. Chicago Blackhawks - Chicago in 6 games

Pacific Division
1. Anaheim Ducks vs. WC. Nashville Predators - Anaheim in 6 games
2. Los Angeles Kings vs. 3. San Jose Sharks - Los Angeles in 7 games

Eastern Conference

Metropolitan Division

1. Washington Capitals vs. WC. Philadelphia Flyers - Washington in 7 games
2. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 3. New York Rangers - Pittsburgh in 5 games

Atlantic Division

1. Florida Panthers vs. WC. New York Islanders - Florida in 5 games
2. Tampa Bay Lightning vs. 3. Detroit Red Wings - Detroit in 6 games

-What to watch for in the opening round-
  • Look for the Flyers to give the Capitals all they can handle
  • The Panthers and Penguins are the two teams most likely capable of pulling off a sweep in the opening round.
  • I said it on the Shoutcast, and I'll say it again. The Detroit Red Wings will catch people by surprise.
  • The Blues/Blackhawks series will be one for the ages, filled with absolute nastiness.
  • >Martin Jones will steal a couple of games for the Sharks, against his former team.

Now these are only my first round predictions, and they are sure to be way the hell off, but that's what makes this time of the year so great. Nothing like making a complete ass of yourself. As the playoffs go on, I'll give round by round predictions, but right now I will give you my pre - playoffs Stanley Cup Final. Its the NHL's worst nightmare; Los Angeles Kings vs. Florida Panthers, with the Kings hoisting the Stanley Cup again.

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